Fury Race

Fury Race

Fury Race is a match-three game wrapped in a car-racing atmosphere
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Fury Race is a match-three game wrapped in a car-racing atmosphere. In this game, you will run race cars against other opponents, but you will not be sitting behind the wheel and driving madly. No, this is a puzzle game: you will compete for tiles, trying to match as many identical ones as you can. They can be matched either horizontally or vertically, and you will be playing in turns against a computer opponent. You will need to match at least three tiles on each move - if you match four or more tiles, you will get an extra move.

When you match tiles, you will get an advantage that will depend on the kind of tiles you matched. The dollar-sign tile will give you money, the chips will accelerate your speed, and so on. You can use the money to buy better cars. The race itself will be run in a small stripe at the bottom of the screen. You will see how your car races against the computer. When one of the cars crosses the finish line, the game is over.

The unregistered version of Fury Race will let you play for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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